Ready to use Dance as a Youth Empowerment Tool?

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Dance Programs

Our Dance programs are Engaging, Impactful, and Transformative. Over the years we have been able to use Dance to increase self-esteem, remove youth from gangs, prevent suicides, and encourage entrepreneurship.

One Day student workshop + Showcase

Learn from the best!

Our instructors have years of experience and passion for what they do. Our 1 day workshop consist of

*4-6hrs of Dance training

*Lessons On Possitive self-esteem

*Choreography/Movement creation

*Showcase and or Flashmob

Staff Workshops

By the end of this workshop your staff will/T.A. will

*Be able to with any population

*Create measurable Final Outcomes

*Know the Art of creating Culminating events that increase deliverables.

Are you ready to use Dance as a Youth Empowerment Tool?